Simple Decorating Icing

Buttercream, frostings, Fondants, and Icings can sometimes be an intricate thing to make. They all taste delicious, but some are better than others. This recipe is super simple and easy to make with items that you most likely, already have in your pantry. Remember, when you are icing cookies you want to give yourself plenty… Continue reading Simple Decorating Icing


Gingerbread Man Cookies

For the longest time, Gingerbread cookies and I did not get along. I loved all the ingredients it took to make the cookie except, molasses. So, this year I had decided to do some experiments with the cookie batter and I finally found the solution to my molasses madness. Do you want to know my… Continue reading Gingerbread Man Cookies


Pumpkin cupcakes.

OMG fall is already around the corner? Where has the time gone or am I the only one that feels this way? I am not complaining because I love fall and my wide selection of scarves I can finally wear again, but I also love my warm summer months, shorts, and everything ice-cream, though I… Continue reading Pumpkin cupcakes.