My story

Delicious, mouth-watering sweets, nutrition, parenting, and motherhood; that’s four of the best blessings life can bring you.

My name is Lindsey Arnold, and I have traveled across the country, graduated culinary school, found true love, recently given birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy, and now I am here to share my stories, tips, recipes, and advice with you.

I am currently attending college again, but this time I am going for my bachelors in science in hopes to become a Neonatal Nurse. What better than to help babies and their parents all while whipping up delicious treats? My fiance and I are also a new first time parents and we love it! There is nothing better than motherhood, and it was meant for me. The moment baby Calvin was placed into my arms I knew I would do anything to protect and provide for him. Who else can relate?

On my blog you can expect to see lots of pictures of food that I have created along with recipes, pictures of my little family and stories, nutrition tips, questions and answers for my audience, products that I enjoy and recommend, and everything else that involves sprinkles and happiness.

I look forward to my journey with you all.