Christmas Traditions

Oh, Christmas tree, Oh, Christmas tree…. Oh, how I love Christmas! Oh, how I love the holidays for that matter. This time of the year brings me so much joy. I love to decorate my home for the holidays, bake my heart away, and spend time with my family. However, this Christmas is so much more special and important to me. From this holiday season forward I will have so much more joy in my heart; I now have a precious, handsome baby boy to spend it with!

Its surreal, how much your life changes when you  have someone else’s life in your hands. I am beyond excited  to watch the joy in my sons eyes, not only during this magical season, but every day. He makes the holidays much more fun and now the holidays will revolve around him and his beautiful smile.

As for this post, I figured I would spread Christmas cheer for all to hear! With this being my sons first Christmas, what better time to start a family tradition! I assume, all families have something they do together, especially around this time of the year. Whether it be someone special putting the star on the Christmas tree or a Christmas Vacation to your relatives. What are your holiday festivities?

So this year, my beautiful little family will be starting our Christmas traditions. The very first thing that we are starting with is the Christmas tree. Do you choose a real one or a fake one? We have decided, that every single year we will choose a real tree from our local Christmas tree farm. What better than to have a fresh tree that smells beautiful and support our small local business. So we helped a small business, we have a real tree, and our home smells like nice pine. What better than that?

Our second tradition begins with the star. Calvin, my son, will now and always have the honors to put the star on top of the Christmas tree (of course with  parental assistance for a few years hehe). He just loves the lights on the Christmas tree so he is the perfect candidate for the star placement.

Next, are the Christmas lights! I just love seeing how everyone decorates their homes for the holidays, but especially for Christmas! With that being said, the third tradition will be taking a drive to look at the Christmas lights. A few days before Christmas we will drive around trying to spot our favorite decorated house. Does anyone else do this? I love it and its a great bonding experience.

Lastly, if you know me, you know I would not leave this out. That is, decorating COOKIES!!! I’m talking about Gingerbread men and Sugar cookies! This is definitely something that my family will be doing the entire month of December! Bake, eat, repeat. This is also something fun for the family, great bonding, and delicious cookie eating.

So there you have it, those are just a few Christmas traditions that I am wanting to start with my family. Of course, over time things will be added, but these are definitely staples. So tell me, what are your Christmas traditions? What would you like to start doing with your family?




4 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions

  1. We always swap out between real and artificial trees but real trees do smell so nice. And yes, we to drive around various neighborhoods admiring the festive lights. My favorite time of the year. Thank you for sharing your traditions. It always makes the holidays more joyous hearing of everyone’s happy holidays.

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