Healthy Lactation Smoothie

We all know that motherhood can be hard at times and it gets even harder for  a breastfeeding mother. You have to worry about where you breastfeed you baby (which is any where you f****** feel like it), you have to pump milk for what feels like a small army, your nipples are always sore and you are just down right always tired. All of us mothers are.

I am sure there are plenty of mothers out there like myself that have been digging in the dirt and rummaging through bushes trying to find the perfect recipe for a healthy lactation. I am also sure that there are plenty of mothers out there like myself that have failed trying to find that perfect recipe.

Before I started experimenting with ingredients and brewers yeast, I was forcing myself (and I literally mean FORCING) to drink ‘Mothers Milk Tea’. Which is disgusting by the way. Do not go down that path, just don’t do it, you will not like the outcome. If you are a fan of black licorice then this is the tea for you, otherwise take caution. Yuck.

Furthermore, I have finally come up with the perfect boobie smoothie. It is delicious, healthy, and packed full of protein. Even if you don’t want to drink this for an improved milk supply, you can consume it as a protein smoothie. Just add protein powder or leave it as is. Its super healthy, delicious and I hope you enjoy! Happy feeding mamas!


1/2 C. Vanilla greek yogurt

1/2 C. Vanilla almond milk

1 Banana

2T. Peanut butter

1T. Ground Flax Seed

2 Brewers Yeast pills ground

1C. Ice


Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth.

Pour in a glass and enjoy!


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