All things Miami





Until I had met my fiance, I had never traveled to Miami and I have been to a lot of places. A few years ago it was finally time for me to take the plunge and meet his parents who are still living in Miami and I couldn’t have been any more excited! Miami is such a beautiful place to visit, heck I would love to live there myself. The atmosphere, weather, people, smell, and food were all just so blissful! If that sounds intriguing to you and you love hot weather and delicious Cuban food with a side of salty beach water then Miami is the place for you! It’s definitely the place for me.

There is just so many things to venture out and discover while you are there and if any of you  haven’t already or if you already live in Miami, you must check out the Bayside Marketplace. It is just such a great scenic atmosphere on the water with a bunch of great restaurants and shops. They even have a delicious daiquiri stand right on the water by the boats, your welcome!

I had never had a cubano or Cafe (liquid cocaine) con leche until my fiance insisted that I try them both and OH MY GOD from that very moment I have been hooked. No joke. Thank goodness we have a place near our home that sells both of these items (though they aren’t the same, they are pretty darn close). In Miami, there is this bakery called Mi Gallito, which the owner is a family friend of my father in-laws and he makes THE best cubano, cafe con leche, and cheese pastellitos(cheese pastry). So If you are ever in Miami, it is crucial that you stop in and I promise you will not be disappointed.

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