Cravings after Pregnancy.

Food. That one word sums up my everyday life. I love to eat, not only because it is a necessity to life, but also because I take pride in cooking, baking, and eating. I love to experience the taste of new recipes whether they be good or bad and personally, I would love to be one of those people who go around eating and trying new foods for a living, but that was not in my cards. Damn.

Many women experience cravings and food aversions during pregnancy (I sure did, don’t get me started on that slimy chicken skin, yuck!), but they never really talk about the aftermath. Eating after pregnancy.

My first meal I ate after giving birth to my son was like a gift sent to me from some magical place and I destroyed it. I went complete ape-shit/ velociraptor on that dish, and that eating style lasted at-least three weeks post postpartum. I don’t know what overcame me, but It was like I had been starving, everyday, all day. Things have settled down for me now as I have begun working out again, but boy let me tell you, I was a beast. Can anyone relate? I use to hate peanut butter, but the last few weeks of my pregnancy had changed that and now I eat it at-least once a day (Thank god it is healthy for you and full of protein or else I’d be  in trouble).

There are some foods that I probably should give up, key-word being should, and that is all things sweet. I have such a sweet tooth and I make sure to plan accordingly when out and about shopping to make sure I have something sweet to eat before I lay my head down to sleep at night. This sweet tooth of mine will most likely never change, but I guess one dessert a night is not bad.

What was your eating experience like after having a baby? What were your cravings and food aversions? I would love to know in the comment section below!

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