The beauty of birth.

46 long, hard, and emotional hours later I gave birth to the most beautiful human being to grace this earth. At 6:17 p.m on Monday, June 5th, 2017 my amazing support person, love of my life and I welcomed earth-side our first child, Calvin Oliver Romeu. Words will never be able to express how happy I was or am  to meet this precious jewel, it feels like I have waited a life-time. Motherhood was meant for me, and it is exactly why I am here on earth, to love and be loved.

Giving birth was not easy nor was labor. I don’t think as a first time mother you can actually be prepared for what is about to unfold nor do you know what to really expect. All women are different and all birthing experiences are different.

I personally wanted to have an all natural birth and things did not go as planned. I labored for 46 hours and half that time was natural and the other half was medicated. I had all back labor, and with each contraction it felt as if my spine was being grinded, which was due to the baby being positioned incorrectly in the womb, he was head down, and faced the opposite way ( Dr. called this “sunny-side” up) and while he was ready to be born, my body wasn’t ready for the birthing process, I was still not dilated enough. The epidural finally wore off and I had to ask for more, but at that point it stopped working and I had to cope with the excruciating pain in my lower back; I have never experienced pain like that.

Finally, I feel my pain skyrocket and my body’s natural reflexes signaling to start pushing and I immediately call the nurses station to tell them I need to be checked for dilation I think the baby is coming! I am left waiting for nearly twenty minutes, and let me tell you I was not a happy mama. I remember clutching the bed, practicing my kegels, trying my hardest to breath steadily, crying, and nearly on the verge to start pushing myself and then the door opens. Thank god.

Two hours later and my newest love has made it into my arms. All the pain that I had endured was worth it. I will admit that I am proud of myself, because while I was pushing I honestly did not think that I was going to be able to do it. The pain was surreal, its hard to breath, I vomited once while I was pushing and another time immediately after Calvin was birthed, I had hot flashes, I was nauseous, and I doubted the pushing process, but I did it and I am in awe. Us women are strong, we create, grow, and carry a human life inside of us and for that how can you not be proud? How can you not feel empowering? You are the most woman that you will ever be at that very moment you birth a life, you should feel accomplished, powerful, and most of all like a mother. Motherhood is the best hood.FB_IMG_1496732030869

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